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Hank Buster

The country singer from the Arctic Circle

I live at Båsmoen near Mo i Rana and the Artic Circle in Norway. My first public performance was at the age of 7, and my first official performance as a country singer took place when I was 22. I sang "Life to go". Most of my singing and playing is made in front of my tape recorders at home.

For 11 years I played in a dance band called "Straumforsens brus" . I was the bass player and singer. We toured locally. My instruments are: Six-string guitar, Electric bass, Lap-steel, Pedal-steel, Fiddle, Mandolin and guitar banjo. And a little bit of playing on others too.

During my student days, a friend of mine always called me "HANK" because I was always listening to country music. Since then I've used that name in musical connections. My music amateur home studio is HANK RANA and my pseudonym as a singer is HANK BUSTER.

My birth name is Harry Normann Bjerkli. I was a schoolteacher for about 29 years, and now I'm an music archivist at The National Library of Norway in Mo i Rana. Besides music, I'm interested in motorcycles, caving, skiing and more.